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Description of Projects – Global Recordings Network Thailand December 2021

Your gifts will go to one of these important projects, as most needed, unless otherwise designated in the “comment” section when donating online

Nyeu: Research of the Nyeu people group to see what is needed. There are no recordings in the Nyeu language of 3000 speakers, but it is possible that recordings in Kui, Isaan or even Khmer might be helpful for this group. If so, after finding local partners, a future distribution can be planned. If recordings are needed, we will also need to find translators, locate suitable language helpers, and determine what materials should be recorded.

Funds needed: $3300

Urak Lawoi: Distribution of past recordings, follow-up and making additional recordings. We have been reaching out to the Urak Lawoi sea people for more than a decade. Many Urak Lawoi are caught up in gambling and alcohol, with little other purpose in life. In addition to distribution of recordings and encouraging the believers, GRNT would like to help with a camp for the youth where they can learn about a loving relationship with God.

Funds needed: $2,660

Nyaw: Further research, recording, distribution and follow-up. The Nyaw live in northeast Thailand, and there were no recordings available in their language. We did an initial set of recordings beginning with creation. It took time to find people that wanted to listen. The first people were not so excited. However, now there is a growing interest; they want to receive it for themselves. When these people listen to the recording, neighbors also want to have it. Additional recording is needed to add to this initial set.

Funds needed: $1,300

Akha & Akeu: Distribution of past recordings, follow-up and making additional recordings. The Akha & Akeu live in Northern Thailand. We have potential partners to help us evaluate and distribute previously made audio recordings of the gospel in the Akha and Akeu languages. We want to determine if new/additional recordings are needed and wanted.

Funds needed: $1,660

Motorcycle Gospel Team (MGT): Distribution of past recordings, outreach to both Christians and non-Christians. The MGT project needs funds so that we can continue to have outreaches to various villages, and we would also like to encourage the team that are constructing a church.

Funds needed: $1,000

Yong: Distribution of past recordings, relationship building and making additional recordings. The Yong live in Northern Thailand. It is important for GRNT to strengthen relationships with local leaders in the community and church leaders in order to minister effectively among these people.  GRNT also works in partnership with a Dutch brother and sister who have a ministry to the children and youth.

Funds needed: $660

Updating past recordings, follow-up and making additional recordings. Some recordings were made years ago and may need to be replaced to meet the current needs of the people. In some languages, additional material is needed and desired. We would also like to evaluate the recordings we already have.

Funds needed: $3,500

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