Recording Fund

GRN USA prioritizes reaching the unengaged, unreached people groups of the world, those currently with few if any Christians, and little or no biblical material available in their language. This page is where you can invest in all the world’s language projects except Indonesia’s and Nigeria’s, which have their own pages. When you support a project fund, you are also supporting young people working on these projects. (They raise their own personal support, but are paid stipends for specific work they do.)

In February, 2021, the Global Recordings Network USA board initiated a global recording project. The goal was to train and mobilize enhanced recording activities in global concentrations of unrecorded languages – Mexico, Nigeria, and Indonesia in particular. This was to be directed by Larry DeVilbiss and enabled by interns that would join.

Well over a year into this we now have projects operating in Mexico and Nigeria. We have pretty good evidence that the cost to record an unrecorded language is close to $1000 for each. Because of the size of Nigeria’s project (500 unrecorded languages) and Indonesia’s project (1000 languages) there are individual pages for each of those projects where you can donate specifically.

Projects receiving monies from support of this fund:

Project 270
We will be sending recordists for singular targeted languages in many parts of the world – especially focusing on the Project 270 languages that are identified as our highest priority.

Special Recording Operations
We have also offered to our other sister GRN centers to assist as the Lord provides to cover the cost to record unrecorded languages recorded in their domain. Here are just a couple examples:

This project is looking at about 100 unrecorded languages. There are currently 2 active recordists and a couple more investigators. Mike Hendricks liaises with these young field workers.
40 languages are being recorded with a revived recordist in Peru, overseen by Gustavo, our senior recordist from Mexico.

For questions: Recording@GlobalRecordings.Net