Project Nigeria 500

GRN USA prioritizes reaching the unengaged, unreached people groups of the world, those currently with few if any Christians, and little or no biblical material available in their language. This page is where you can invest in Nigeria’s language projects. When you support a project fund, you are also supporting young people working on these projects. (They raise their own personal support, but are paid stipends for specific work they do.)

In February, 2021, the Global Recordings Network USA board initiated a global recording project. The goal was to train and mobilize enhanced recording activities in global concentrations of unrecorded languages – Mexico, Nigeria, and Indonesia.

Well over a year into the project we now have projects operating in Mexico and Nigeria and have pretty good evidence that the cost to record an unrecorded language is close to $1000 for each. Because of the size of Nigeria’s project (500 unrecorded languages), this is an individual project page where you can donate specifically.

Nigeria is home to more than 1,000 languages and language varieties.

527 of those are recorded.
463 are unrecorded and verified.
455 are unrecorded and unverified.

Recording project is managed by Gospel Recordings Ministry (GRN Nigeria).

Resources are one senior recordist, three recordist trainees, and other language investigators.

Monthly expenses include training, investigating, transportation, recordist and language helper “talent and time” expenses.

Included are September and October 2022 reports and following that the October Research.

September Recordings
1. Dijim : Good News / W.O.L
2. Gruntun : Good News / W.O.L
3. Mangas : Good News
4. Tangale : East
5. Koffiar:Bwal : Good News / W.O.L
6. Lala:Shiri : Good News / W.O.L
7. Younger:Voro : Good News / W.O.L
8. Tera : Good News / W.O.L
9. Sayawa:Gambar : Good News / W.O.L

October Recordings
1. Nyam : Good News / W.O.L
2. Lala:Bena : Good News / W.O.L
3. Tambo : Good News / W.O.L
4. Libbo : Good News / W.O.L

October Research– (Research involves travelling to language area, recording word list, playing existing recordings to evaluate intelligibility and seek invitation to record if needed.)
1. Mumuye:Zing
2. Mumuye:Kugong
3. Mumuye:Yaa
4. Mumuye:Kwenza
5. Mumuye:Mang
6. Mumuye:Kwenza
7. Mumuye:Unkwa
8. Mumuye:Sengsi
9. Mumuye:Nyaja
10. Mumuye:Monkin
11. Mumuye:Sagbe
12. Libbo
13. Mbula- Bwazza :Tambo
14. Mbula- Bwazza :Gwamba
15. Mbula- Bwazza :Bwazza
16. Mbula- Bwazza :Bakopi
17. Mbula- Bwazza
18. Tambo :Kpangno
19. Mundang :Nigeria

For questions: Recording@GlobalRecordings.Net