Shannon Carter

Database Manager

Tucson, AZ

How Shannon Serves with Global Recordings Network

Shannon began by being an accounts receivable data input volunteer for our Finance Department. In 2021 she joined staff and became our Neon Database Manager, but also helps many of us with spreadsheet and computer program questions. She is now the assistant to the Finance Director as well.

She invites you to pray with her for people all over the world to be able to read or hear the Gospel message in their own heart language. God’s Word is life-giving and she wants all to have access to it.

Background and Qualifications

Shannon grew up in Tennessee, lived in Florida, and has RV’d all around the country, but currently has a house (complete with two cats, six chickens, and an exotic fish tank) in Catalina, Arizona.

She always had a deep desire to serve the Lord as a full-time medical missionary. After almost 20 years as a nurse in America and on short-term mission trips, she is thankful to now be a part of the SIL support team for Bible translation in Mexico, serving as the Finance Manager in their Catalina office, as well as serving with GRN about 12 hours per week as associate staff. Her RN career steered her into a focus on Medical Information Systems, which has successfully led to the roles she performs for both SIL and GRN.

Shannon has parents, a married sister, and three nieces and nephews back in Tennessee. She would love to serve the Lord full time, but presently also has two outside jobs to supplement her income. She recently bought a house nearby the center and enjoys photographing the wildlife that hops, strolls, or flies past her home.