Gustavo & Ines Calixto

Recording Trainer/Facilitator



How Gustavo Serves with Global Recordings Network

Gustavo is a GRN recordist working under Senior Recordist Larry D.   Gustavo and Ines are both certified recordists but Gustavo has taken a lead in training new Spanish speaking recordists.  Because of their experience and ongoing responsibilities in South America they are operating as GRN USA staff with a memorandum of understanding with the Mexico Buenas Nuevas center.

Gustavo and Ines both attended the Culiacan outreach in its early days and developed a call to each other and to full time work with Buenas Nuevas.  They married and spend much of the following years working in South America as field recordists.  Last year they completed recording every language in Ecuador and accepted an invitation to return to Mexico to assist with training and recording.  There were over 100 unrecorded languages still in Mexico.  They have raised their two teenaged daughters while on duty in South America.

On Faith and Family

Ines while a teenager led her parents to a church where her mother turned from suicide and her father turned from alcohol and was saved at the same time as Ines. Gustavo was raised in a Christian home.  His father was Otomi and was persecuted for being a Christian. Through personal crisis Gustavo found a personal relationship with Christ.  Gustavo trained in electronic engineering and had his own business fixing computers and electronics.  Their first daughter was born in Mexico and the second in Ecuador.

Background and Qualifications

Gustavo and Ines are both Bible school graduates Ines from Rio Grande Bible Institute and Gustavo from El Desierto Florece.  Besides his own experience in electronics Gustavo graduated from a linguistics training course by the Summer Institute of Linguistics.  They have had various upgrades in GRN recording and for a time Gustavo was doing sound recordings for Faith Comes by Hearing. Gustavo is very good at evaluating new equipment and recommending innovations.