We are so grateful for the faithfulness of God and for the partnership of many donors that has enabled Global Recordings Network to fulfill its mission for many years. Those who give to this ministry should know how we handle their gifts. We want to maintain the highest integrity so that God’s glory and your trust are never compromised.

How is Global Recordings Network funded?
Global Recordings Network depends upon the Lord for the supply of funds to accomplish its mission. We endeavor to seek His will for what He wants our ministry to accomplish and then we pray specifically for the resources needed. We believe God then prompts His people in answer to prayer to support the work and meet those needs. It is not our practice to solicit funds, but members speaking to supporting churches and individuals may let them know of projects involved in and will answer any specific questions. We praise God for His faithfulness over the years and for the joyful response of His people to give sacrificially and generously so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can be shared among the least-reached peoples.

How will my gift be used?
All gifts go into the general fund unless otherwise designated by the donor. The general fund is used for expenses related to recording of languages, support of overseas bases, duplication, shipping costs, office supplies, publications, postage, etc.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?
Yes. We have been authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts since 1943. We meet all the required IRS standards as a 501(c)(3) organization for the issuance of receipts for income tax purposes.

How are staff members supported?
Each staff member has the joy of trusting God for the provision of daily needs and living expenses. We ask the Lord to raise up a team of regular supporters to stand with each member so that they can fulfill their ministry. Donations for staff members need to be designated by the donor for their particular support. (Please specify gifts for staff on a separate memo or note rather than on the check itself.)

Can I give my gifts by electronic fund transfer or credit card?
Yes. Just go to our Donate page.

Do you give tax-deductible receipts for gifts-in-kind?
Yes. Our staff can use furniture, clothes and functioning vehicles. The office can also use supplies and a good-running vehicle. We can issue tax-deductible receipts for these types of donations, but we cannot place a specific value on them. This has to be done by the donor.

Do you accept gifts of real estate?
Yes. Several significant projects have been funded through gifts of real estate. Please contact our finance office for details if you wish to fund a project through the sale of some property.

Do you have a gift annuity program?
Yes. For those who would like a steady income for their retirement years and would also like to use their resources to spread the gospel, a charitable gift to Global Recordings Network will help accomplish both of these objectives. Please contact our finance office for details.

Can I designate money for a specific project?
Yes, many donors like to designate gifts for specific projects such as recording languages, distribution outreaches, supporting a recording team and special purchases such as studio equipment and field vehicles. A small percentage of project funds is used to cover overhead costs. See a list of current projects.

Do you have a list of current projects that need funding?
Yes, we provide a list of ministry projects both large and small that are awaiting funding. Many people like to adopt and finance a specific project. This list is updated regularly and is available upon request.

What kind of accountability does Global Recordings Network have?
All funds donated to GRN are legally required to be controlled by the Board of Directors which ensures responsible use of the funds at every level of the organization. Our books are audited annually by an independent Certified Public Accountant. In addition, we are members in good standing with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), which has strict requirements for fiscal accountability.

All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. GRN USA has complete discretion and control over their use. Designated contributions will be used as specified until the need has been met or cannot be met for any reason. At that time the remaining funds will be used for a similar project or ministry area.