Will You Pray With us in 2019 January 2019 TIP

Download the January 2019 Together in Prayer Greetings prayer partners, 2018 was a year of many blessings and challenges for our ministry. We thank you for joining together in prayer with us through it all. And while 2019 is sure to present new gifts and challenges, this year is also a year of great celebration for our ministry. 80 years ago this year, our founder Joy Ridderhof followed a call from God to tell the story of Jesus, at first to recent converts to nourish their newfound faith and later to those who hadn’t yet been introduced to Christ. Today, many of our prayer requests look a lot like hers: that God will strengthen the ministry and continue to provide the people and resources needed to support this important effort. At our heart and soul of our ministry, our goals 80 years later are the same. The technology and travel look different these days, but at our core, our commitment to the Great Commission has not changed. Thank you for all you’ve done to help our ministry flourish to date. Please join us in praying for our next 80 years. Together in prayer, The Global Recordings USA Team PS: Can we count on you to join with us together in prayer this month and throughout 2019? Have you read our latest magazine? You can view it online here . If you are not on our magazine mailing list and would like to request a copy of the next issue, please let us know by following this link.


Pray for . . .

    Please join us in praising and thanking God for all he has done through our ministry throughout the last 80 years. We have accomplished so much of our founder Joy’s initial vision — yet still have so much more to do as we invite the whole world into the light of Christ’s love and mercy.

    ■ Please pray that God will grant us his wisdom as we seek to accomplish his will.

    ■ A new year is full of hope and promise for what’s ahead. But we know that serving Christ also comes with spiritual attacks and suffering we can’t anticipate. Pray that God will hold us close through all that’s ahead and continue to pour out his grace as we renew our commitment to serve him for another 80 years.

    ■ Through GRN’s audio and visual resources, pray that those who hear the story of Jesus in 2019 will embrace his truth and will follow Christ always.

    ■ Please join us in asking God to call more missionaries to join Global Recordings Network. There’s so much more work to be done — and we pray that the right people with the right heart and skills will respond to God’s call to serve.

    ■ We pray that God will unite us with any missionaries and ministries this year that need our help. We pray too that all who devote themselves to serving him will have the support and resources they need to do so with excellence.

    ■ And lastly, we thank God for you and all those who have prayed with us and for us throughout the last 80 years. Without you, we simply cannot tell the story of Jesus in every language. Please join with us in asking God to call more prayer partners to our ministry for our next 80 years.