Will you pray for those we introduce to Christ?

Download the October 2018 Together in Prayer

Greetings prayer partners,

In the upcoming Fall/Winter issue of Global Recordings magazine, arriving in your mailboxes in October, you’ll read incredible stories from all around our network — stories of conversion and providence and hope. We are so excited to share these stories, to share the outcomes possible with devoted prayer partners like you.

But we know that the Lord’s work is far from complete. We ask you to join our team in praying for the people, projects, and places featured in this publication to help those seeds of faith continue to grow. We hope this guide can be a useful tool for your prayer life.

With your ongoing prayers and support, we know anything is possible. So together in prayer, let us ask God to continue pouring out his grace on our ministry and all those who hear the Good News.

Together in prayer,
The Global Recordings USA Team

PS: Each of the prayers featured here comes right from the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Global Recordings. To inform your prayers and for your convenience, we have provided the page numbers to reference when you receive the magazine. This way, you can learn more about the great missionaries and ministries you are praying for, those working with Global Recordings Network to tell the story of Jesus in every language.

Eager to read the magazine today? You can view it online here before it arrives in mailboxes. If you are not on our magazine mailing list and would like to request a copy of the next issue, please let us know by following this link.


Pray for . . .

  • GRN’s ability to continue the distribution and development of Saber audio players has been key in the faith development of the Simba group in Bolivia, many of whom have no other way to hear the Good News. Pray that the Lord continues to use missionaries like Bill and Kathleen Mann and ministries like Ethnos Canada to put GRN’s materials and teachings to good use. ■ pages 4-5


  • Through GRN recordings and the ministry of our partner Gogo Grandmothers, pray that those who hear the gospel message and stories will not only receive Christ as savior, but will also share the story of salvation with others. ■ pages 7-10


  • As Ruth Horan explains, the important work of this ministry is far from complete, but it can’t happen without your support. “We need prayer warriors. You know, there’s a lot of spiritual warfare. Our recordists go through so much, and we need more people praying.” Won’t you join us in praying for the spiritual protection of our recordists and everyone around the world who contributes to and participates in our mission? ■ pages 12-13


  • Pray for the missionaries who serve in Nigeria and face the danger of persecution, along with those who support their ministry in big and small ways. Pray for the people of Nigeria who hear GRN recordings of Bible stories — that being introduced to the gospel will help them welcome Jesus into their hearts. ■ page 14


  • Our executive director Dale Rickards will be traveling to Thailand soon for an international team meeting. There’s also an upcoming recordists training course happening in Thailand for field workers who operate directly with people groups and language helpers. We humbly ask for your prayers that the training will be fruitful, and that God will grant wisdom to our leaders as they plan for GRN’s outreach across the world. ■ page 15