Together in Prayer – March 2019

Dear friend,

This month at our USA headquarters for Global Recordings Network (GRN) in Temecula, California, we find ourselves in great need of prayer for our staff missionaries and leadership.

Our USA staff play a critical role in the international network, as we maintain and update the global digital archive, along with prayerfully and financially supporting the good work our teams are doing all around the world.

Together with our missionaries, ministry partners, and local bilingual speakers all around the world, GRN creates, preserves, and distributes audio recordings of Bible stories in more than 6,300 languages.

But we need your prayer to lift up our current missionaries as well as the call for new staff to this important work in the USA office and our need for financial support for those who are and have been called.

As we go forward with faithful anticipation of the exciting new opportunities and people God is preparing for this work, we know our greatest gifts come as a result of your prayer and support.

Please join us Together in Prayer in March for our current and future missionary staff and leadership.

Together in prayer,
The Global Recordings USA Team



Week One: March 1 – 7

The Lord is guiding GRN into a new season of leadership through the role of Executive Director. Dale Rickards has transitioned to a new calling outside of the ministry of GRN and his role is being filled in the interim by Larry DeVilbiss, a long-term missionary with our ministry.

Lord, we pray for Larry as he assumes this interim role, asking that he be filled with the knowledge of God’s will for GRN through this time of transition.

We join with the search committee of GRN in prayer as they consider candidates for this crucial leadership role. We ask the Lord to bring to GRN a committed follower of Jesus Christ, someone who has a passion for sharing the Gospel, and someone who is teachable and has a strong sense of leadership and calling to the ministry of Global Recordings Network.

Week Two: March 8 – 14

The Good News has always spread by way of disciples who dared to share Christ’s message of love and truth. We pray for the staff missionaries at GRN USA who daily share their unique gifts and professional expertise in service of the Church.

We ask the Lord for spiritual renewal for these dedicated workers, not only in the details of daily work, but as they come alongside GRN workers around the world. And also, we ask for God’s abundant blessing in providing the gifts of financial support they need monthly to continue serving in this important ministry.

Please pray for each of the dedicated GRN USA missionaries and ask God to meet the needs of each one and their families and provide encouragement daily through problems large and small.

You can read about and pray for each GRN USA Missionary online.

Week Three: March 15 – 21

The USA headquarters for Global Recordings Network is located in Temecula, California, about 90 miles southeast of Los Angeles, where our global ministry was founded in 1939.

Today, our office plays a critical role in the international network, as we maintain and update the global digital archive, along with prayerfully and financially supporting the good work our team is doing all around the world.

Pray for God’s perfect will, provision and insight as the Board seeks to reconcile expanding opportunities with apparent diminishing resources.

Week Four: March 23 – 31

It’s no secret what storytelling has meant to the history of Christianity. At Global Recordings Network, we know what storytelling means for the future of our faith, too.

We also know that the need for new missionaries, volunteers, and interns is ongoing and will continue until the story of Jesus has been shared with all the world.

Lord, we pray for those whom you are calling today to work at GRN USA. Lead them to visit our website to review and pray for the positions that are currently available and to seek your will in a future ministry alongside our USA team in this important work.