Together in Prayer – April 2019

Dear friend,

Spring is the perfect time for all of us at Global Recordings Network USA (GRN) to be affirming our calling to reach “the last, the least, and the lost” by providing the story of Jesus in every language.

But as you know, our work is not nearly done. And, for some languages, time is running out. According to UNESCO, at least 40% of the estimated 7000 languages spoken in the world are endangered.

As our ministry partner, we covet your prayers this month as we acknowledge the need to be on the front lines with more workers prepared to steward these endangered languages. And, we need to be in continual prayer for the precious people needing to be introduced to faith in Jesus Christ through hearing these languages spoken in the voice of their own people.

Only when we are Together in Prayer can we confidently come before our Lord with the desires of our ministry and heart. Please use this guide through April and walk alongside us at GRN as we lift in prayer the needs of each other in our ministry and those who have not yet heard the good news, “He is risen.”

Together in prayer,
The Global Recordings USA Team



Week One: APRIL 1 – 7

Lord, thank you for confirming daily your calling on Global Recordings Network (GRN) to reach “the last, the least, and the lost” with the story of Jesus in every language. Please pray for continued vision, provision, and faith as we move into those “last” situations and languages with confident joy.

Father together we ask for your blessing on programs like Project Flickering Flame that focuses on preserving languages like those in Alaska, which are fading away. Guide GRN to the front lines of recording those languages and providing them back as a gift and as a continued witness of the saving grace of your son, Jesus Christ.

Week Two: APRIL 8 – 14

We ask for your guidance Lord as we seek those who can technically marry audio, video, and graphics so that we may provide more languages on our website and through our 5fish app.

Join with us as we pray for a new wave of technically gifted people to come alongside GRN into these opportunities through “obedience of the Gospel.” II Cor. 9:13

And Jesus, we pray for those who you are calling today to work at GRN USA. Lead them to visit our website to review and pray for the positions that are currently available and to seek your will in a future ministry alongside our USA team in this important work.

Week Three: APRIL 15 – 21

As we become aware of more and more languages that may be forgotten, we know Lord that you hear them all and know the hearts of those who continue to speak them today. Our prayer is that you will lead GRN to find them and provide the provision to record and capture them for future generations.

Prayerfully lift up and encourage our GRN team as it moves into the future from providing audio only to graphic/video supported sound, which will better reach the world with the stories of Jesus in both social and dedicated media. Give us the knowledge and insight to take these important steps forward.

Week Four: APRIL 22 – 31

Lord, thank you for the ongoing prayer and financial support that allows our current team of professional specialists to continue to steward and maintain the hardware and infrastructure needed to keep the more than 6,000 languages available online for those who seek your truth.

Intercede prayerfully on behalf of each staff missionary asking the Lord to bless and maintain them as they oversee and archive the stories of Jesus in the heart languages of people around the world.