Together in Prayer – May 2019

Dear friend,

By popular demand we are bringing back the daily format for the Together In Prayer.

These are new days in Global Recordings Network USA. There are hints that God is about to do a new thing in GR. Pray with us that we will not fall short of seeing or experiencing what he has ahead for us.

Pray that we will be sensitive to his voice and direction as we face new paths with a new generation of leadership. Pray that the shepherd of God’s choice will come in to function under the direction of the Good Shepherd to make us into a fellowship that will patiently, and unitedly join hands to finish the task.

Together in prayer,
Larry Devilbiss (Interim director) and The Global Recordings USA Team




May 1  Open House

Save the date and plan to come. The Temecula GRN USA Mobilization Center will be open on May 18, 2019, from 10:00 until 4:00 PM. Please join us and see what God is doing through audio resources around the world.

May 2  A season of increase

Ask God for a season of increase throughout all of GRN. This includes an increase in funding, in personnel, in recording and distribution opportunities, and for a deeper intimacy with God. Pray for a mighty increase!

May 3  ILT meetings in Asia

The International Leadership Team (ILT) met recently in Asia. Pray for good follow-up and clear communications with the network regarding the outcomes of the meetings and decisions that need to be implemented.

May 4  Migrants in France

GRN director in France, Daniel Oddon, and his team are working hard ministering to migrants. They use GRN materials and provide humanitarian assistance. Daniel has been able to supply many types of players so that GRN recordings can be heard. Ask God to provide the team’s needs and for the listeners.

May 5  All GRN missionaries adequately supported

Many GRN workers are under-supported. Several teams are taking the CRU ministry development program and finding it helpful. Whatever method God leads us to use, he is the source of all our supply and he is faithful and worthy of our gratitude and praise. Pray for all GRN workers to be adequately supported.

May 6  Allan Starling

Pray for Allan who has fought melanoma for several years. After extensive treatment in one eye, his most recent tests showed all clear. Praise God for this good report.

May 7  Increased funds for ministry projects

There are many recording opportunities and distribution outreaches that need funding so the message of the Bible can be proclaimed more widely. Pray for more people who love the ministry of GRN to step up and fund a ministry project.

May 8  PNG update

By God’s grace, GRN teams have recorded gospel stories in 640 out of over 1200 languages of PNG. Our goal is to tell the story of Jesus in all of those languages and dialects so there is much yet to be done. Pray for good responses as representative, Merolin Gawa, promotes GRN’s work in PNG.

May 9  Assessing impact

GRN Kenya is following up on eleven language groups that have recently received GRN materials. The goal is to find out how the materials have been used and what kind of impact they are having. Pray that many of the speakers of these eleven languages will be transformed by the power of the gospel.

May 10  Field partner needed

Pray for a godly, hard-working Mexican field partner to travel with recordist Chuy Tejeda and assist with his recording projects. Pray that this team will be productive and fruitful in making the gospel available to more groups still without a witness of the true gospel.

May 11  Spiritual fruit in Cameroon

The GRN team in Cameroon recently recorded Bible stories in Kanuri, Malgwa, and Bamoun and distributed recordings in Maroua, Ngaoundéré, Yaoundé, and Ebolowa. Pray that the use of those recordings will impact the lives of the hearers. Praise God that several people gave their lives to Christ.

May 12  John S.

Praise the Lord for John S. who works in Language Tracking and Order departments. He and his wife just celebrated their anniversary with a trip to Spain. Pray for the family as they serve the Lord and reach out to Muslims in our community.

May 13  Willing to go to the hard places

There is much work to be done in telling the story of Jesus in every language. GRN needs more people to be trained to do research, recording, and distribution. Over the years God has sent a steady stream of fielders willing to go to the hard places. Pray for a new-generation of workers willing to do the same.

May 14  New believers

There were no Christians two years ago in a Karen Sgaw village in northern Thailand. Then a Karen Sgaw couple received an mp3 player loaded with gospel content from GRN. Through the witness of those recordings this couple came to believe in Christ. Pray for their spiritual growth—and for the salvation of other Karen Sgaw villagers too.

May 15  Office Building

Pray for God’s perfect will and provision to meet our office building expenses. Praise God for two new tenants for our downstairs suites. Pray that the third suite would be leased soon.

May 16  USA Board Meets

Today the Board of Directors meets in Temecula. Pray for Bill Cornthwaite, Mack Timm, Jerome Hannaman, David Overstreet, Mark Pearsey, and Larry DeVilbiss as they pray, plan, and discuss the items on today’s agenda. May the Lord grant his wisdom and direction.

May 17  Special-needs scripts

GRN South Africa coworkers are writing scripts for people with special needs. This includes AIDS and HIV sufferers, those with Alzheimer’s, and children traumatized by war or child abuse. Pray for godly insight when writing these scripts—that they will communicate the love of God and the hope that can be theirs in Christ.

May 18  Open House in Temecula

Pray for us as we host our open house today. We want to share with our community how God is working around the world to bring the unreached into his kingdom. Pray for good attendance and response.

May 19  French-speaking recordists

GRN has offices in many Francophone nations in Africa. There is a high priority need for French/English speaking trainers and French-speaking recordists. Ask the Lord of the harvest to increase GRN’s recording capacity in these countries by providing new recordists and trainers.

May 20  Good News for the Hmong

Many mp3 players loaded with GRN evangelism recordings have been placed in the hands of the Hmong people in Thailand. Ask God to draw many Hmong to himself as they listen to the recordings.

May 21  Mike Hendricks

Pray for Mike as he takes teams to several locations on short term trips. The opportunities are increasing as more churches and missionaries in Mexico are implementing the outreach plans begun in our Project Culiacan. Pray for safety in travel and abundant fruit for God’s kingdom

May 22  Filling the gaps

These are challenging days with our Temecula office having many gaps in personnel. The Lord is still on the throne and we need earnest prayer for God to send laborers. May those he is calling not be able to resist his call to serve.

May 23  Pray for the Church 

World evangelization is not just an optional program for the Church but her highest priority. She must never lose her missionary vision. She is the main provider of funds, workers, and prayer support for the great commission. Let us never grow weary of praying for a deepening of the spiritual life of our local churches and the global church.

May 24  Ralph Loper

Pray for the team in Accounting, led by Ralph Loper. Ralph is very thankful for his part-time assistants. Pray for a full-time bookkeeper to join the team.

May 25  Long-term Director

Thank the Lord for Larry DeVilbiss serving very ably as interim executive director and pray for the search committee as they seek God’s choice for the next director. May the Lord lead us to the one who has a heart for the lost and a passion for the GRN vision.

May 26  Refugee Outreach

A major distribution to a large refugee population in Asia will be happening soon. Pray that these hurting and displaced people will hear of God’s love for them through the GRN recordings and respond in faith to that message. Pray for the teams participating in this undertaking.

May 27  Volunteers

We praise God for all our volunteers, and pray that as they serve with GRN, they would continue to grow closer to Christ every day. Pray that they would be effective in their ministry here.

May 28  5Fish

Please pray for opportunities to promote the ministry and use of the 5fish phone app, especially among non-English speaking ethnic groups and recent immigrants. Give thanks for the thousands of Aboriginal language tracks played on 5fish during January.

May 29  Kenny and Joan McKee

The directors of GRN UK, Kenny and Joan, request prayer for good health, safe travel and good relationships with partners. Please pray for safety as they are in Tbilisi, Georgia, this month to record three new languages.

May 30  The Ramos Family

Pray for Carlos, Valeria, and sons as they begin a new chapter in their GRN service. They have been accepted to work with GRN Spain with Joel and Judith Hernandez and are relocating there this month.

May 31  Social Media

Get the latest news and prayer requests from our Facebook page: search for Global Recordings Network USA. Pray that many will be challenged and encouraged as they interact with us on social media.