Thank You

We are so grateful that you have promised to pray for the needs our ministry and friends, joining with us together in prayer.

The heart and soul of our ministry is audio recordings that tell the story of Jesus. To date, our global network has recorded Bible stories and evangelical messages in more than 6,400 languages and dialects.

And none of this would be possible without the prayerful support of our friends like you.

Thank you for making this ministry possible.

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To learn more about our ministry and the fruits of your prayers, we invite you to read our Stories, many of which include recordings of Bible stories in other languages or interviews with missionaries, partners, and friends who have used our resources to enrich their ministry.

To discover all the ways you can make a financial contribution to support our ministry, follow this link to our Give page.

For information about our recordings and resources, please visit our Resources page.

Looking for an even deeper commitment to praying with our global team? We are also recruiting prayer warriors to join us in praying for specific groups of people who have no Scripture in their language and no church or missionaries in their community. Learn more and sign up to join the People’s Prayer Project by following this link.