World Training Trip


In 2021 Larry D and Nathaniel L formed a recording team for the purpose of training new field workers in many world countries. They traveled first to Mexico, discovering and recording a number of unrecorded languages. Plans are to move to Australia and Asia next, with Africa and beyond after that. This mobile recording team is sharpening its own skills; training surveyor teams to go before, find language and contacts, and take word lists; and seeking young biblically-trained adventurers to train into the work as well. Many young people are wanting a ministry to invest their time and energies into. We need them!

Pray for open doors into the right countries, for contacts with those who can assist the recording program, and for many new young field workers to be trained and then to utilize this training for the task of recording especially the unrecorded languages of the world. The harvest is out there waiting (Matt. 9:35-38) – pray for co-laborers in this harvest! Consider supporting the pescadores (language investigators) in Mexico or other new fielders in non-US countries. (See separate Fund.) Consider joining us yourself, if you are young, connected strongly into Jesus Christ, physically fit, and want the greatest adventure life has to offer. Older, non-mobile folks might consider volunteering for our Language Mapping/Research projects which can be done from your home.

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