Thailand Ministry in Schools

With Thailand having less than 1% Christian out of the total population, it is clear to see the need and realize that the harvest is plentiful and open to ministry opportunities yet to be done. It’s because of seeing so many pressing and crucial needs we are teaming up with local Thai believers along with Treasure Chest Ministries (A creative Biblical presentation of the Gospel truth through Gospel illusions) in January 2019 to take three weeks to travel to some 15 schools in three northern provinces to share the love of Christ and His Gospel message to literally thousands of children most of whom have never heard the name of Jesus.

If you can partner with us in reaching these children and their teachers, your giving will help us go further in seeing that every eye sees and that every ear hears the story of His amazing love and a Gospel recording for children (DVD, mp3, etc.) will be placed in every hand we meet. It is also our hope to donate a set of Thai Christian books along with Thai Bibles for children to each of the school’s libraries we visit.