Project Indo 1,000

GRN USA prioritizes reaching the unengaged, unreached people groups of the world, those currently with few if any Christians, and little or no biblical material available in their language. This page is where you can invest in language projects in Indonesia. When you support this project fund, you are also supporting young people working on these projects. (They raise their own personal support, but are paid stipends for specific work they do.)

In February, 2021, the Global Recordings Network USA board initiated a global recording project. The goal was to train and mobilize recording activities in global concentrations of unrecorded languages – Mexico, Nigeria, and Indonesia. This was to be directed by Larry DeVilbiss joined by various interns.

Well over a year into the project we now have projects operating in Mexico and Nigeria and have pretty good evidence that the cost to record an unrecorded language is close to $1000 for each. Because of the size of Indonesia’s project (1000 languages), we set up this individual project page for your country-specific donations.

Our GRN USA Board has approved the matching (dollar for dollar) of all contributions generated on this page. When you give to these funds, your gift of (for example) $100 will actually bring $200 to the language projects in Indonesia. Note: All of the contributions generated from this page are directly overseen by Larry DeVilbiss.

Indonesia is home to almost 2000 languages and language varieties. Please note that in the pre-investigation stage, these numbers are suggestive, not conclusive. (Investigation verifies the facts on site.)

Stats as of 2022:
Recorded languages-                           649
Unrecorded verified languages-        769
Unrecorded unverified languages-   583

Provinces with unrecorded languages which will probably need bases of operation to be set up:
Papua            249
Maluku          171
Sulawesi        156
Kalimantan   61

These Indonesia projects are done through partnerships between Lembaka Rekaman Injil (GRN Indonesia), GRN USA, MAP Global, Teen Mission International, the Story Publisher Adv, and appropriate local churches and missions. The projects will be managed by GRN USA.

Existing recording resources – Two recordists with LRI and a former recordist who has joined our team. It is expected that the final team will be a combination of expat interns, Teen Mission interns and alumni, and university student graduates.

One time start up expenses:
Script translations into Bahasa Indonesian   $10,000
Startup equipment for 10 recordists                $15,000
Startup equipment for 50 recordists                $75,000
Training                                                                     $10,000

Miscellaneous ongoing costs which will contribute to the estimated total of $1,000 per language:
Transportation, base rentals, language helper, recordist, and administrative time and expenses, stipends for word lists and completed recordings.

For questions: Recording@GlobalRecordings.Net