Stella Gutierrez

Accounting Assistant
Finance Department

Temecula, CA
How Stella Serves with Global Recordings Network

Stella processes donations that are received at Global Recordings Network.  She makes all deposits to the bank to help see that all monies are taken care of for staff and missionaries.

On Faith, Family, & Background

In 1971, Stella remembers committing her life to Christ as a result of the teaching of a Bible believing church she and her husband were attending. She first heard about Global Recordings Network through a friend who was a missionary that came to work for Global Recordings. Her friend told her about the work being done here and throughout the world to share the gospel with the lost. Stella and her husband began to pray about moving out to California and becoming missionaries with Global Recordings.

Stella, and her husband Charles, have served with Global Recordings Network since 1986. They are parents to four adults and grandparents to seven.

Stella worked for a finance company in Albuquerque, New Mexico before coming to Global Recordings Network.