Nathaniel Loper

Intern Recordist

Tucson, AZ


How Nathaniel Serves with Global Recordings Network

Nathaniel is a GRN recordist working under Senior Recordist Larry D as part of a two-year internship program. This internship is focused on recording Gospel messages in unreached languages worldwide and training new recordists to continue this task in their own countries.

Nathaniel was called to GRN full-time in June 2021 when Larry D requested some young men to join him for a two-year recording internship. Throughout the rest of 2021, he served the Lord in Mexico, recording, editing, and updating GRN Mexico’s language maps as new languages are discovered and recorded. He looks forward to continuing this in 2022 as the Lord leads the team to further recording projects around the world.

On Faith and Family

Nathaniel grew up in Temecula, California and has been familiar with GRN from an early age as his parents, Ralph and Ruth Loper, have been GRN missionaries since the 1980s. Nathaniel accepted the Lord into his heart when he was 6 years old. Nathaniel met many missionaries through GRN and his local church, and went on multiple short-term mission trips in his childhood and youth.

Background and Qualifications

Nathaniel volunteered at GRN in Temecula in 2016 and 2019 working under David Gutierrez. He assisted David in the print shop and helped put together distribution materials such as BibleBox WiFi routers and On-the-Go USB drives for distribution of evangelistic audio and video material on the mission field.

Nathaniel majored in Audio Technology at Mount San Jacinto College in California, also studying digital media and video production.