Elizabeth Chan

Recruiter/Student Mobilization
Personnel and Recruiting Department

Temecula, CA
How Elizabeth Serves with Global Recordings Network

Elizabeth is responsible for mobilizing college/university students into ministry and missions to carry out the great commission of Jesus Christ. Her role includes traveling, presenting, and offering students different opportunities to serve at Global Recordings Network. Various roles within the worldwide mission organization need to be filled to complete the vision of telling the story of Jesus in every language.

On Faith & Family

Elizabeth grew up in a Christian church in Brazil and came to know Christ when she was eight years old. For many years she only knew about missions through her mom and stories she had heard. Understanding the importance of their work, she began supporting a missionary with her weekly allowance at a very young age. When she was 13 years old American missionaries came to her Winter Christian camp. Elizabeth told herself “one day I want to be just like them.” Many years later, after going through very difficult times in her life, God reminded her of what she had said and brought her to Global Recordings Network.

Background & Qualifications

Elizabeth attended Physical Therapy school in Brazil and is a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant here in the United States. She has experience working in the marketplace which allows her to relate more closely to what students are going through. Elizabeth is able to offer support as students wrestle with what to do after graduation; she provides guidance and encouragement in how to be effective now and in the future for God’s Kingdom.