Dale Rickards

Executive Director
Administration Department

Temecula, CA
How Dale Serves with Global Recordings Network

Dale has served as Executive Director of the Global Recordings Network USA Center since 2012. Like many staff members, he began as a volunteer. Later, he was asked to serve on the USA board. After only six months, he and his wife Valerie agreed that he should apply to be a staff member, in 2009. Dale is convinced of the absolute necessity for the Church to use oral resources for finishing the Great Commission. With the majority of the world being oral learners-those people who learn best by listening rather than by reading, the role of Global Recordings is pivotal, and Dale is excited to be a part of it.

On Faith & Family

Dale was born in Algiers, Algeria, into a missionary family ministering to Muslims across North Africa.  He was encouraged to become a volunteer at Global Recordings by his parents. Later he would learn that they had been using Global Recordings material for their own work as missionaries. They had ordered vinyl records from Global Recordings back in the 1950s and 1960s and his father had played them in the North African Bible bookstore he operated for Muslims.

Dale and Valerie met when they were 16 years old and have been married since 1985. They have two adult sons (one daughter-in-law), two daughters, and they are expecting their first grandchild in early 2018.

Background & Qualifications

While attending Montana Wilderness School of the Bible, Dale discovered a love for studying God’s word. That spurred him to complete an undergrad degree in Religious Education at Cornerstone University, and later a Master’s of Arts in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.