Colin & Patti Stott

Global Prayer Coordinator
GRN International Office

Temecula, CA
How Colin Serves with Global Recordings Network

As Global Prayer Coordinator (GPC), Colin has been in communication regularly with national directors and global ministry coordinators to gather current ministry information for prayer. He also made it a point to track answers to prayer to share with staffs and boards for encouragement and giving praise to God. Colin’s work involved developing a wide variety of prayer initiatives to activate more global prayer. He also interacted with other worldwide prayer networks to share mutual prayer needs.

On Faith, Family, & Background

After stepping down as the USA director of Global Recordings Network in 2011, Colin stepped into a new role as the mission’s Global Prayer Coordinator (GPC). God works in answer to the prayers He inspires His people to pray. “Prayer is not just preparation for the work—it is the work. It is not just important to the ministry, it is essential,” declares Colin. Colin wrote a weekly blog on prayer, “Our High Calling,” for the encouragement of all of us in this vital ministry. This is still being republished in 2023 and blesses all who read it.

Colin testifies that there was no way he would have survived as a missionary, what with all the spiritual battles, testing, and trials of missionary life, without being fully surrendered to Christ. With the victorious life of Christ as his driving force, God has enabled him to take on assignments and steps of faith he otherwise would never have attempted.

Colin met his wife Patti at Bible School in Norway. They were both on the same page about serving the Lord together and they have worked side by side with Global Recordings since 1974. Patti worked in the office for many years before health problems limited her day-to-day involvement. As of January 2023, Colin is in the last stages of Parkinson’s, and is cared for at home by Patti and several hospice helpers.