Blaise Vander Linden

Operations Manager

Temecula, CA
How Blaise Serves with Global Recordings Network

Blaise serves as the Operations Manager for Global Recordings USA.  He monitors and aides in the smooth operation of daily tasks for the ministry which includes supervision of several departments.  He manages production and distribution of media products so that missionaries have the proper tools when on mission.  Blaise serves as a servant-leader on the Administration Team.

On Faith, Family, & Background

Blaise grew up in a family that went to church regularly but until he married Espher in 1989, he did not have the relationship with Jesus that true belief really brings.  It was when Espher visited her home in the Philippines and there was an earthquake there that Blaise really realized giving everything up to Jesus was where he needed to be.

When traveling to the Philippians with Espher, Blaise has seen a great need for the story of Jesus to be presented to all people around the world.  In 2014 the Lord placed him with Global Recordings to help do just that.  He sees that the Lord had been training him during his 35-year career in the service industry to take his skills and apply them for the good of the Kingdom.  Through his administrative duties, he is helping to make it possible for the story of Jesus to be spread to all people groups.

Besides his service to Global Recordings, Blaise also leads a feeding ministry through his local church.