A Former Communist Leader November 2018 TIP

Download the November 2018 Together in Prayer

Greetings prayer partners,

When I heard the story of a former communist leader in Southeast Asia who uses GRN materials, I knew we had to share it with you. This incredible conversion story comes to us from our partner Bibles for Asia — led by a passionate believer named Don. Soon you’ll receive this story in your mailbox and we can’t wait for you to learn all about it.

But the prayer needs of Don’s ministry and ours can’t wait. God has begun a mighty work — and Global Recordings Network (GRN) is working to build on that with your help. Our hope is that this guide can be a useful tool for your prayer life.

Thank you for being such a devoted prayer partner. With your ongoing prayers and support, we know anything in possible. So together in prayer, let us ask God to continue pouring out his grace on our ministry, our partners, and all those who hear the Good News.

Together in prayer,

The Global Recordings USA Team

PS: Each of the prayers featured here comes right from Don’s story, which will be mailed to you soon. We hope you’ll enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the great missionaries and ministries you are praying for, those working with GRN to tell the story of Jesus in every language.

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Pray for . . .

  • Through GRN’s audio and visual resources and the ministry of Bibles for Asia, pray that those who hear the story of Jesus will embrace him and have the courage to share their faith to multiply the Body of Christ.
  • Please pray for the continued safety of the former communist leader who now recruits for Christ. In Don’s words: “He is a high-profile target watched closely by the Communist Party and police in his country. It’s a miracle they haven’t killed him. God has amazingly protected this man.”
  • One prayer request today comes straight from this former communist, who pleaded: Don, could you go back to America and ask people to pray for us? We need more recordings, more audio in more languages, and more Bibles. That’s my request: please go back to America and ask people to pray for us and to pray for our vision to have the biggest Bible school in the country, to bring the love of Christ to everyone in the country.
  • Don says that “a new era began” for Bibles for Asia once they connected with GRN. “We went from being able to share recordings in just three languages to 30-35 languages in about three years.” Will you please thank God with us that he connected Bibles for Asia with our resources? Pray too that others who need these resources will be supplied with what they need to tell the story of Jesus in every language.
  • In 1953, Martin Luther King, Jr. preached that “Christianity’s most formidable competitor and only serious rival is communism.” Please join us in thanking God that communism has less influence in the world today than it did then. Still, we must never lose sight of this adversary to the gospel. Pray with us for the conversion of those who follow communism, and that those who suffer under communist regimes may instead come to know Christ’s hope and healing.